Shoe Rack Plans

Whether you want a lovely piece of furniture or a down and dirty solution to footwear chaos, you'll find all sorts of storage to keep your rooms tidy and your shoes properly corralled.

Many shoe rack plans use molding, ready-to-use hardware and findings, while other plans allow the woodworker in you to shine. You'll find cubbies, racks, benches and floating shelves, as well as built-ins, fabric holders and dowel boot drying racks.

Suggested materials include doweling, plywood, wooden molding, ready-to-use shelving and MDF board.

Check out all the fun and versatile shoe rack plans that are fast and easy projects to keep you organized and provide tons of storage space. Whether you're a shoe collector or have kids with far too many sneakers, you'll get all your family's footwear organized with these free and easy DIY shoe rack plans.

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